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Manage your day to day without losing details

"DongoCRM is a complete platform with all the tools for taking a correct administration of your appointments, clients and sales. We gained 35% more attendance."

Dr. Dylan Murphy

Take full control of your business

"For our barbershop DongoCRM resulted being a great tool for controlling our clients in an easier and intuitive way."

Soto Barber Shop

DongoCRM for your mobile, tablet or PC

"It's incredible for the first time counting on a system in wich we can have all the information about the business and clients in a platform that is very easy to use."

Castle Spa

Powerful CRM features
John Lynch
DANIEL BROWNHair Styling09:00 - 09:45
JAMES MCGREGORFacial Massage10:00 - 10:40
Tanya Waite
MELISSA JARDINEMassage Therapy09:15 - 10:00
MIKE RODRIGUEZNutritional Service10:20 - 11:05
Manage your day to day

All of your bookings in one simple calendar.

Control all your appointments with an interactive calendar that will inform you of the status of your bookings, Free yourself from dead times!. Also reduce your "no-show" bookings by enabling reminders for your clients (Whatsapp reminders soon).

Contact management for small business

Make your clients happy.

Clients love when you remember details about them, now you can make every client feel special because DongoCRM will keep you informed about what they've done at your business and you can also make special annotations for each of them.

Daniel Thompson
Add booking
24/7 available

Access from any device without syncing or installing.

DongoCRM works completly in the cloud, this means you can access to it from any device that has connection to the internet, this also means that your data is always up to date from any device at any time.

Take better decisions

Results reports about your business always available.

Great variety of informative reports that we generate for you so that you know every detail from all the areas of your business. Make the best decisions!.

Every tool you need

The best CRM features

In DongoCRM you will find all the tools you need to take your business to the next level, below only some of the key features.

Find out how sales and visits of your day go from the dashboard section.
Take control through the bookings calendar, you can register and configure everything related to each visit of your clients.
Manage all your clients in one system and so you can take the best control of each visit.
Keep track of your expenses and payments, thereby taking a more accurate control of your business.
Check all the movements as well as the income and expenses of your business in the reports that we generate for you.
Marketing (soon)
Show your introductory offers and promotions by marketing to your customers through DongoCRM!
Frequent questions

What is a CRM?

A CRM stands for stands for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM software allows you to manage your business relationships and information associated with your business so you can store your clients or prospect contact information, leads, bookings, sales and expenses in one central location, ideally in the cloud so the information is accessible anytime and in real time. This way it is so valuable for a fast-growing business even if you are a solo entrepreneur, small business or medium business.

Do I need internet to use DongoCRM?

Yes, DongoCRM is a web application, that is to say it is opened by means of an Internet browser.

Is DongoCRM a downloadable software?

DongoCRM it's a web application, it's not a mobile app, which means that you can access from any device with an Internet browser.

What's the price of the CRM?

It's just $10/user/month. You can add users, remove users, or cancel at any time. Best of all, you can use it free for 14 days to make sure you like it. The free trial is completely unlimited, so you can test absolutely everything out thoroughly before deciding if you want to subscribe. Cheap management software for your business.

DongoCRM has technical support?

Yes, in DongoCRM we care about you, our team is available to solve any doubt or problem you have about the software, just use the chat found in any page in this website or send us an email to

Is my data safe with DongoCRM?

Yes, we have our own Cloud where your information will always be available and secure. Check our terms and conditions.

How do I register?

You can get your free trial by creating an account in the register page.